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How is Cremation accomplished?
The deceased body is placed in the cremation chamber (Retort) where through intense heat and evaporation the body is reduced to its basic elements are referred to as cremated remains. It may surprise many to learn the ashes are not the final result, since cremated remains have neither the appearance nor chemical properties of ashes, they are in fact, bone fragments. We do not use any heavy machinery (i.e. forklifts, etc.) in the handling of pets, it is all done by hand with the greatest care and respect possible.

What is the difference between ” Private ” and ” Communal ” cremation?

  • Private cremation is when a pet is cremated by itself and after the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are processed, packaged and returned to the owner.
  • Communal cremation is a less expensive alternative to private cremation the pets are handled in exactly the same way, except they are cremated in groups with other pets and the cremated remains are not returned to the owner. All communal cremated remains are buried on site at our facility.

How do we know that the cremated remains we get back are actually those of our pet?
We use a color tagging system that follows every pet all the way through the cremation process, from the time that we pick it up or it is delivered to us until the cremated remains are returned to the owner. We use a three part tracking system that identifies every pet that we handle. Communal cremations and private cremations are performed in separate retorts and the pets are kept in separate holding areas prior to cremation Our facility is open to the public and we will allow the pet owner to be present for the cremation if requested by appointment.

Can all pets be cremated?
In addition to dogs and cats we have cremated many types of pet birds and reptiles and even some goats and sheep.

How do I arrange for a pet cremation?
You have two options. If your veterinarian is one of our clients, you can ask them to handle the cremation for you. They will notify us, we will pick up your pet at the clinic and then deliver the cremated remains back to them when the cremation is completed. Or if you prefer you may call us at the crematory directly and make an appointment to deliver your pet to us personally.

If you have any questions regarding the price of a cremation please call (603) 224-5092. If you have any other questions you may call us at (603) 224-5092 or simply fill out the contact form. Thank you!

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